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Did you know that automation is not just an opportunity but also an effective way to focus on growth rather than administration???

Did you know that transforming your business processes into digital will make you enjoy the competitive advantage of Increasing revenues and operational efficiencies,better control over your lending portfolio and compete through new products, better services and competitive pricing?

The framework is commitment from financial inclusion stakeholders in Tanzania from both the private and public sector, who want to see that the barriers to financial inclusion are eliminated through the implementation of 2nd round financial inclusion Framework in Tanzania.


Development in Microfinance

The government recognizes research, innovation and product development as vital components towards growth, outreach and sustainability of microfinance sector. The on-going research, innovation and product development are an integral part of the market systems for development of the microfinance sector.

Good governance is a key factor in microfinance association's success in delivering quality services and developing a vibrant microfinance sector.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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