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Mikutano ya mwaka ya Benki ya Dunia (WB) na Shirika la Fedha la Kimataifa (IMF), iliyofanyika mjini Bali Indonesia ambapo imewakutanisha wadau wa masuala ya fedha wakiwemo Mawaziri wa Fedha na Magavana wa Benki Kuu kutoka nchi mbalimbali Duniani kujadili Sera na misaada inayotolewa na Taasisisi hizo.

Wadau mbalimbali wa vyama vya ushirika walioshiriki jukwaa hilo mkoani Kigoma.

Jukwaa la ushirika lililoandaliwa kwa wanaushirika mbalimbali wa vyama vya ushirika wa mkoa wa Kigoma chini ya Ndg. Godfrey Vedasto Rwehumbiza ambaye ni kaimu mrajis msaidizi wa vyama vya ushirika mkoani hapo.

On September 2018, The Puple Planet, an organisation for Women Empowerment and Development under the CEO Madam Hilda Kisoka (Malkia wa Nguvu 2018/2019 on woman Empowerment) launch out the campaign of The 100 days of Right women in the society

This based on the remaining days to complete a year of 2018 under monitoring and evaluation, the aim is to promote and empower all women who are in the right direction on doing the right things at the right time. We all believe, when women are empowered, the development is assured to happen.

In mid-2015, management and the entire staff of Singo Africa Limited convened a meeting to quest for what the company should be in the medium term, the outcome of the meeting was our vision:-

 “To be the top valued and preferred business technology services partner by 2019.”

Today, mid-2018 we are thrilled to look back and see where we came from… other than the trust we have earned from our esteemed clients, Ushirika and Microfinance industry among others…  We feel honoured to be consecutively be valued and trusted by regulators of the industry we operate, specifically to TCDC.

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