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Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Business development can be taken to mean any activity by either a small or large organization, non-profit or for-profit enterprise which serves the purpose of ‘developing’ the business in some way. In addition, business development activities can be done internally or externally by a business development consultant. External business development can be facilitated through Planning Systems, which are put in place by governments to help small businesses. In addition, reputation building has also proven to help facilitate business development.

Possibly the greatest competitive advantage of business growth is the ability to capitalise on the economies of scale. As you increase your production output, you can bring down costs per unit and achieve savings across: purchasing - by getting discounts for buying in bulk.

Many companies in the country and globally operate under the customs and invent less in making sure they succeed their customers especially in their operations. They conduct their business the same way the same manner every day something that makes their customers unexcited because they are certainly used to the practice over and over. This has made many companies as well with limited capital suffer losses and hence bankrupt or even close the business claiming that the flow of money is not friendly to their business. But in this very same pool, many companies have succeeded to create a bigger and massive cash flow and build their business only by satisfying their customer requirements. They take their customers’ business as theirs and own it and contribute their best in making sure that they succeed together or rather satisfy their customers’ needs because they are aware that it is your customers’ success that determines your success and your business at large.

Quality service is dealing with clients and customers respectfully and helpfully. An example of quality service is a retail worker helping a customer process a return efficiently and helpfully that create magnificent profit and benefits. From the viewpoint of business administration, quality service is an achievement in customer service. It reflects at each service encounter. Customers form service expectations from past experiences, word of mouth and marketing communications. Service quality, in its contemporary conceptualization, is a comparison of perceived expectations of a service with perceived performance.

It is a dear dedication to help your client get what they expect and even more than what they merely expect to get from your business. The way the feel listened, understood, recognized hence find themselves valued and build a great bond with you and your business. This result to Trust between you and your clients and you don’t just create the business relationship but you generate power to conquer your economic obstacles together.


Quality Service to customers is a created behaviour, thus anyone can deliver a quality service, they only need to be committed to delivering it because at times it might be challenging and yet as a service provider you must be persistent in making your customers happy and give them what they expect you to deliver.

Amala App Suite is a system that provides a supportive guide to the SACCOS and Microfinance in Tanzania in accordance to the required law and the regulation established under the particular laws. With Amala App Suite SACCOS and Microfinance are at the good and better point to build shield to their business and ensure the profits are created in more friendly and practicable means. Amala App Suite brings world class experience by focusing on adding value and stimulating competitiveness to its Africa business partners' through their existing, and as well as to be acquired new technologies and business services.

Its aim on becoming part of you to ensure that end-to-end value is delivered, resources is managed and risk is minimized; through carefully sourced, acquired, effectively architecture and implemented services and solutions Thus, we engage and collaborate with our esteemed customers, partners and stakeholders in transparently, respectful and integrity manner.

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A technology for financial inclusion that has features for financial institution flexibility to grow and advance in its way of managing customers, financial products, fast and regular reporting capabilities.

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