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Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Maendeleo ya Ushirika Tanzania (TCDC), Dkt. Titus Kamani, amesema kuwa Serikali ya Awamu ya Tano imedhamiria kuhuisha na kuujenga upya ushirika kwa kufanya mapitio ya Sera ya Ushirika na Sheria zake na kuwahusisha kikamilifu wadau wa Sekta hiyo katika kutoa maoni.

Dkt. Kamani ameyasema hayo wakati akifungua Kongamano la kitaifa la Wanaushirika lililofanyika leo 05 Jul 2019 jijini Mbeya na kuhudhuriwa na viongozi na wanachama wa vyama vya ushirika nchini ambapo amewataka kutoa maoni yao kwenye maboresho yanayofanywa na Serikali katika Sekta ya Ushirika.

SACCOs-Microfinance sector is a financial sector that aims at lifting the lives of the people in the communities who believe in small savings which make them important and special financial institutions include accessibility to all areas, flexibility and is not complicated due to the fact that they have been established by people themselves and encourage saving from its members.

A business sector that is devoted toward fighting global poverty such as SACCOs-Microfinance Sector in Tanzania deserves a special attention from the actor’s regulators and targeted groups so that it is easy and possible to tackle the challenges arising from that sector. The matter of fact is under SACCOs-Microfinance sector a mass umber of people especially those from the local communities, have managed to handle their financial challenges so far and are proceeding to. This is because this sector touches the lives of the communities from the root of financial saving to financial freedom and management.

The journey to success or achievement towards financial freedom has never been easy. The same applies to the SACCOs-Microfinance Sector. Ever since the establishment of this this sector in our county it has faced so many challenges that day in and day out have made the successful journey be difficult. It is however important to understand that despite the challenges the sector has tried to the best of its capacity and hand in hand with some of its stake holders show the progressive intention to face them and move forward no matter what. In the series of events that occasionally have happened to take place the sector of SACCOs-Microfinance has both been afforded with the respective consideration. This is by all the two sides, the regulators and the actors, a thing that has led the sector to occupy minor overview in the eyes of the expected participants who are the members to show up their contributions in terms of savings.

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