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May 2022 Newsletter

We are proud to announce our employees’ efforts as they do extra ordinary things all the time

‘We have reached ticket number 1000 on Amala product development. That shows how much the platform have involved and improved. 


Welcome and we are so grateful and excited to quickly address you why you’re receiving this newsletter, some of you may know us well, some may have heard of us and for those who work with us regularly thanks for all the great work you do. For those who are getting to know us we are Singo Africa Company ltd focus on business technology, software solutions and consulting service to SACCOS, Microfinance, SME, credit unions and Cooperatives society. We shall be sharing some information each month, so if you are excited as we are, please read on and share with your friends, we hope you will stay with us.

Our main product is Amala Core Banking which has been integrated with multiple software solution

Amala Core Banking has integrated solutions such as SMS campaign and Xero Accounting

Our product name has changed from Kopasmart to Amalasoko whereas different financial institution meet their borrowers in Amalasoko and borrowers are empowered by enough information and option when making decision of borrowing

We have our recent blog explain well about Amala integration

We appreciate being part of us, if there is something you would like to learn in our newsletter or blog, don’t hesitate to contact us on https://amala.co.tz/contact/

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