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Amala Integration and IT modernization

An increase in financial services has brought the expansion of businesses and their operations in the world of financial industry. As businesses get busier the number of transactions also increases forcing businesses to adopt digital technologies so as to handle a large number of transactions and lots of ledgers. Specifically speaking many businesses nowadays adopt accounting software solutions as a digital technology to track financial activities upon their business operations. In the financial industry also the same thing is being applied ever since the expansion of business operations as the result of the increase in financial services. The financial sector has adopted digital technologies by automating its business with software solutions and IT modernization. And yet it has been noted that not only one software technology can suffice all the financial business operations due to the exceeding number of transactions. Integrations have been put to place as a solution to many businesses as well as financial providers For example one can streamline his accounting processes by switching to a digital software that integrates all the aspects of his workflow into one.

Amala is one of the technologies initiated to meet the requirements of the Microfinance sector in Tanzania. It has the best combination of features that can suffice the needs of businesses such as Amala App Suite. The technology is also extended to have the capability to be integrated to other software technology such as accounting software’s.

Amala Core Banking seamless integration to accounting software is seen to be one of the solutions to financial providers in Tanzania. The Integration seems to be important since it provides room to handle multi-tasking against manual entries and saves time, it handles repetitive tasks, it provides Better Reporting, and last but not least provides a full picture of the business operations. Currently, Amala Core Banking is integrated with some of the software technologies such as SMS campaigns, Accounting software’s i.e. Xero accounting, Odoo software, and yet more on the way. Don’t miss out and Stay tuned for updates.

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